Stories of The Rat Patrol

The Rat Patrol is a 1960’s TV program that features the North African campaign of World War II. In epical battles and encounters with the enemy, four intrepid Allies take on the German war machine — and win!

With two jeeps rear-mounted with .50 caliber machine guns, Sgts. Sam Troy and Jack Moffitt, along with their drivers, Pvts. Mark T. ‘Hitch’ Hitchcock and Tully Pettigrew, are called upon to recon behind enemy lines, destroy supply convoys, retrieve important documents and maps, rescue scientists and double agents, as well as kidnap important German military personnel. All of this they do with teamwork and an uncanny ability to beat the odds.

Join me in these works of fanfiction on The Rat Patrol. All of them are written by me, and I’d welcome your comments and reviews. Hope you enjoy!

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Stories of Combat!

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The Texas Lass: Reflections and Reviews on the Good Ole Days

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